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Natural Resources

The timber industry is an important part of the economic structure in NW Arkansas. Due to a lack of understanding and a lack of utilization options available, wood residues generated by this industry were not being utilized to their full potential. Some sawmills would actually move their entire operations when the massive sawdust piles encroached upon mill operations. In 1993 when this project began the equivalent of 36,000 semi-truck loads of woody residues were being produced annually by the timber industry in Arkansas. For a better perspective, if these trucks were parked bumper to bumper it would create a string of trucks almost 400 miles long.

The NW AR and the Ozark Foothills RC&D’s started a joint project to introduce wood pellet fired heat appliances in the 21 counties within their perspective RC&D areas. The wood pellet fuel used in these appliances is made from sawdust.

Following the introduction of wood pellet heating technologies, a series of Woody Residue Workshops were conducted. These conferences created partnerships between those who generate woody residue and those who could potentially utilize them. The Arkansas State Association became involved in this project and biomass energy technology spread to the entire state. NW AR RC&D continues to provide pellet heat, pellet BBQ grills and pellets to individuals and businesses across not only Arkansas but other states as well. Utilizing wood waste as biomass energy has created revenue for the state from a product that was once a nuisance. Biomass energy created from woody residue continues to save energy created from non-renewable sources while creating revenue as it grows in popularity across the country. For more information or to purchase a wood pellet grill call 870-715-2933.

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