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Fire Department Billing Program

Pursuant to Act 1326 of 2003, Arkansas RC&D and the Insurance Companies in Arkansas are now assisting fire departments in mailing their dues notices. We can offer the following at no cost to your fire department.

  • Assistance with the time consuming tasks and expense of mailing membership dues notices.
  • Billing invoices containing language to encourage public support of the fire department.
  • Provide the billing invoice, outgoing and return envelopes, and the postage.
  • Billing invoice will include a return payment stub showing the fire department as the recipient of the funds. As far as the public is concerned, RC&D and the Insurance Industry are invisible in this program. The billing notices will appear to come from your fire department and the checks will be returned to your department at the address you specify. (All funds are mailed to the fire department by the citizens)
  • A second notice may be mailed within three months to those that have not paid.
  • The mailing list will only be used to promote the fire department and to provide the public with fire prevention and educational materials. The list will not be sold or distributed for any other purpose.
  • Your fire department is allowed to custom design a short message for the billing statement.

The following information concerning the Billing Service is needed to start the program.  

  • A Memorandum of Understanding between RC&D and your fire department.
  • A Billing Service Information Sheet used to develop your billing statements.
  • An electronic datasheet of mailing names and addresses.
  • Customized message (if desired)

If you are interested in participating in this program or would like additional information on how your fire department would benefit, contact us at and we will mail you a full packet explaining the program.

Charles Gangluff, Manager, email: 
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