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Grant Applications - 2015

The Arkansas Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils (AARCD) is now accepting Year 2015 grant applications for the Rural Fire Protection Program (RFPP). Fire departments are encouraged to return a grant application. See the list of items to be considered. The final deadline for returning grant applications will be 5:00 p.m., Friday, October 16, 2015 at the Program Manager’s Office. Only original application forms will be accepted. Forms that have been altered or reformatted will not be accepted. Faxed copies will not be considered.

Due to the limited amount of funding, the maximum amount for any application will be restricted to $2,000.00. Each application will be considered on its own merit and will compete with other applications statewide. Because of the amount of funds available, many applications will not be funded for the full amount requested. While this grant does not require matching funds by the fire department, consideration may be given to those fire departments that demonstrate the ability to generate other assistance in making the improvements. Explain in question # 6 of the application if other funds, labor, or materials will be donated, or if existing funds will be used to assist in the improvements. .

Due to the increasing number of medical responses by fire departments, the Rural Fire Protection Program is now including Medical Supplies as a priority item. Items needed to assist fire departments with their local response to medical calls will be included.

Fire departments that have received funds from an earlier grant cycle must have returned a "Certification of Completion" for those funds before being considered for this grant cycle. The "Certification of Completion" must show that all funds have been expended correctly and invoices must be attached.

Return your application as soon as possible. If an application is received before the early deadline of October 2, 2015, we will attempt to contact the fire department and return the application if we find a mistake or missing information. Applications received after October 2, 2015 will be submitted as is.

To be certain that an application is not lost, a postcard will be returned to each fire department upon receipt of their application. Call the Program Manager's Office if the postcard is not received by October 23, 2015. Fire departments will be notified whether their application was approved or not by December 1, 2015.

Review the following checklist before mailing your application. Failure to do the following could keep your application from being considered!

Application must be typed or printed. An application that cannot be read will not be considered.

☑ Complete the entire application, including front, back, and the agreement.

☑ We strongly encourage you to request items shown on the priority list.

☑ Water supply, communications, and medical supplies are the only equipment areas that can be considered. Wildland equipment, SCBA, Turnouts, etc. will not be funded.  

☑ Attach no more than 2 additional pages, if needed.

☑ Sign and return the grant agreement with the application.

☑ Be certain that the application is signed by a fire department representative.

☑ Keep a copy of the application for your records.

☑ Return the application before October 2, 2015 if possible.

☑ Final deadline for applications is 5:00 p.m. Friday, October 16, 2015.

Return the original application to::

Rural Fire Protection Program
2058 Highway 95
Solgohachia, AR 72156

If you have questions or need assistance in completing your application, contact this office, your local RC&D Coordinator or local Conservation District..

With regards,

Charles Gangluff, Manager
Rural Fire Protection Program
Arkansas Resource Conservation & Development

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