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Training and Education

Fire department training and education is the third area of emphasis. 

Twelve two-day ISO seminars have been held throughout the state. About 425 fire department leaders have attended these seminars where they receive training in Alternative water supplies, recruitment and retention, fire department administration, non-profit designations, ISO requirements, and grant writing.. The two-day seminar is specifically tailored to assist departments with little or no knowledge of the ISO process. A 40 hour training seminar was held with 63 participants attending. This expanded seminar gave fire department leaders with basic knowledge of the ISO evaluation process more detailed information. These seminars were made possible through the cooperation of the Insurance Services Office and the Rural Fire Protection Program. An educational video has been produced to introduce fire departments to the Mobile Water Supply method of reducing ISO classifications. Over 1000 copies of this video have been distributed throughout the State. The video was made possible through the partnership of the Arkansas Rural and Volunteer Firefighters Association, The Arkansas Forestry Commission, The Baxter County Office of Emergency Service, the Baxter County Fire Chief's Association, and the Rural Fire Protection Program. Additional videos are being considered.

Information and specifications have been developed to assist fire departments considering a portable pump to fill tankers at dry hydrants and suction supply points. This information will enable fire departments to purchase a supply pump that is recognized by ISO and is cost effective. Upon completion of the test period, recommendations will be made available to the fire departments. The Program Manager has been working closely with fire departments that have an ISO class 10 rating. This assistance has resulted in several of the Class 10 departments being improved to a Class 9 or better.

If you would like a video, contact the ARC&D office or email us at:  Additional videos are planned.

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